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Advanced Certificate in Business Writing

The Advanced Certificate in Business Writing is a unique, one-of-its-kind online program for graduates of various disciplines, especially engineering, management, computer science etc., as well as for junior and middle level executives/managers in the corporate sector.

The ACBW provides a systematic and comprehensive knowledge on all aspects of business writing from vocabulary, grammar, writing process to report writing and also an opportunity to develop the above mentioned skills. Additionally, it equips the learner to continue learning, independent of a facilitator, even after the course is over.

Curriculum | Examination | Admission & Fees

Program Highlights

  • Covers all aspects to business writing, starting from vocabulary to report writing.
  • Highly interactive, instructionally strong self-paced elearning modules.
  • Unique "Help Line" for each module containing ready-to-use tools at workplace.
  • Designed and facilitated by professionals from the Industry as well as Academics.

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Career Opportunities

For the working executive "The ability to communicate has been ranked No. 1 in a study on what helps promotability." (Harvard Business Review)

In numerous surveys, business executives rank the ability to communicate first among the personal factors necessary for promotion. Many people rate communication as one of the most important aspects of business leadership. Thus, the prime requisite of a promotable executive is "ability to communicate".

Communication is crucial for any kind of success in business - not just in getting promoted, but accomplishing corporate objectives and/or managing competition. In fact, communication may be a business executive's most important skill.

The higher you move in your organization, the more communicating you are likely to do.

One study concludes that first-level supervisors spend 74% of their time communicating, second- level managers 81% and third- level managers 87%. Another study shows that CEOs spend 78% of their time in oral communication alone.

For graduate students Out of 120 job descriptions appearing in one issue of the National Business Employment Weekly (published by the Wall Street Journal), almost every listing included this requirement: "The persons we seek must have strong written and oral communication skills."

In the course of formal education, most of us have increasingly spent more time in mastering our technical/functional subjects. The educational system did not give us enough exposure or opportunity to develop our communication skills. The fact remains, however that mere command over vocational subjects is not enough to give us an edge over other similarly qualified competitors in the job market.

Sound technical or subject knowledge is only one of the requirements to get selected for the right job and perform well in it. Regardless of the field you're in or the career you choose, your chances of being hired by an organization are better if you possess strong communication skills.


After completing this course, you will be able to develop your business writing skills - define style in business writing, identify elements of a good style, draft and edit business letters and prepare memos and reports in a clear concise manner. The course is structured into 9 modules and can be completed in 30 hours.

This module will help you deal with words most often confused and misused.

Help Line: Has a comprehensive word list of 3000 often used words.
This module deals with four types of common errors and provides guidelines to eliminate them.

Help Line: Has a collection of more than 500 common mistakes with their corrections.
This module deals with all 10 punctuation marks and their usage. It also deals with commonly misspelled words.

Help Line: Has 140 often misspelled words.
This module deals with the method and process of building effective and grammatically sentences.

Help Line: Has 50 sentence building structures.
This module deals with standard style and form norms as practiced in the business world.

Help Line: Has a list of universally accepted style conventions.
This module deals with the method and process of Writing.

Help Line: Has a worksheet with checklist.
This module deals with the format, style and convention of standard business letters and memos.

Help Line: Has letters for 30 business situations.
This module deals with the format, style and convention of standard email etiquette.

Help Line: Has email samples for 30 business situations.
This module deals with method and process of writing business reports.

Help Line: Has a standard Style Guide.
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Study Plan

For successful completion of online courses, we recommend that you:

  • Set aside a fixed time and duration for study. Close other applications like music, chat etc., which may hinder your learning process.
  • Make sure to go through the navigational tutorial before you begin.
  • Complete one unit or topic in one sitting. It will help you to completely understand that topic.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows
  • Resolution: Screen Resolution 1024 x 768
  • Plug-Ins: Macromedia Flash Player 7 or Above
  • Browsers: Internet Explorer 6.0 or Above, Mozilla Firefox 2.X, Netscape 7.0
Examination and Certification
  • Each module has a final quiz. You will need to get a score of 60% in each module. If you fail, you need to retake the test again.
  • On successful completion of all quizzes for 9 modules, you will qualify for the award of Advanced Certificate in Business Writing.
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Admission & Fees
Course Fee
  • Indian Students: Rs.2950
  • Other Student (USA/UK and other Countries): US$75
  • If you have the Promocode Click here
  • For Colleges: Write to us to get bulk discounts
Payment Method
  • Online:
  • Bank Payment:
Bank Details
Terms and Conditions
  • Money Back Guaranteed: In case you are not satisfied with the course, we will refund your fee in full, if informed within 1 week of enrollment.
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